Monday, 30 January 2012

Queue Management System

queue management
long Queues
The distress we feel, when waiting in long queues for hours to avail services, is beyond compare. Heated conversations, when someone tries to sneak into the queue, are a common occurrence; and are normal scenarios in hospitals, banks, self service restaurants and of course in government offices. Irrespective of required service (which might be menial tasks like getting a signature, fixing an appointment etc) we might lose huge amount of time waiting in the queue for the service and end up regretting about the time wasted.
Is there any way to change this awful queue situation and make the waiting process more pleasant? Yes there is! 

Token management System
Token Management System
                        Flow Management or Queue Management, makes an efficient system to manage queues better. The system allows you to take your token from the reception or from the token vending machine, and lets you know the token number and/or the expected time of service. After taking the token, you can engage in some constructive activity, while relaxing at the waiting area. Once the counter is ready to serve you, your token will be displayed or called out. Thus the whole tedious process of waiting idly in the queue is transformed to a much more pleasant and relaxed experience.

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