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customer queue system
Queue System

           Modern day service industry is highly focused on ensuring an enhanced customer experience not only through better service but also by providing facilities that would make the customer feel more comfortable, more entertained and more satisfied. Queues at service counters have always been a bane to the service industry and is always a great cause of customer complaints and ultimately customer dissatisfaction. Hence it is extremely important to seriously look at more automated Queue Management and Customer Flow Management Systems.

         Banks, Hospitals, Telecom Service Counters, Government / Other Service counters, Airports etc invariably have long and boring queues. While a great deal of effort has been made by hardware vendors in developing Queue Management Systems, most of them failed over time primarily due to the reason that hardware based Queue Management Systems lack the flexibility and adaptability to be adopted in a wide range of application areas. For example a generic hardware solution may not fit well for all type of service counters – the customer flow in a hospital could be much different from that of a Government Service Counter.

token management
                  Software based Queue Management and Customer Flow Management is gaining increasing popularity due the simple reason that it offers easy customization option to make the solution suit for all kinds of application areas, including Banks, Hospitals, Telecom Service Counters, Government / Other Service counters. Innovative Queue Management / Token Management Systems like has been very successful in a short period of time for the simple reason that they offer customization options to suit the needs of all kinds of service industries.    

token management System
Token System

                             Solutions like also provide options to capitalize the captive audience by inserting advertisement videos, advertisement banner or scrolling advertisement in between token display. This provides a very valuable cross selling and up selling opportunity for Banks, Hospital, Telecom Companies or even Government establishments by making their customer aware of their other products, 
services and achievements. 

Modern day software based Queue Management, Token Management and Customer Flow Management Systems go beyond a normal Token Generation and Token Calling System by providing its customers a better customer experience during the service delivery process.

modern queue System
After taken token and Waiting

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